Corona Update

In accordance with Saxony state authorities guidance DIS must be closed from March 18 onwards in the interests of public safety at this time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak affecting the country.

We expect the closure at least until the end of Easter Break (April 19). DIS families are recommended to monitor their email accounts for further updates. We want to support our students and staff welfare and continue learning as best we can.

We remain in contact with the responsible German and Saxon authorities. The situation is changing rapidly and information displayed on this page will be updated regularly as new data is received.

If you have any questions please write an email to crisisresponse[at] stating who you wish to contact, the nature of your enquiry and your phone number. We will try to contact you either by phone or email as soon as possible.

Continuous Learning

Our off-campus continuous learning started on March 18. We are going to use the phrase ‘continuous learning’ because this places the emphasis on all aspects of learning during a school closure rather than just working online. We have an online continuous learning plan for preschool students and students K5 up to Grade 12.

The goal is to carry on learning, but not necessarily replicate a traditional school day as per the timetable. Students should be able to independently extend their learning with the direction of the teacher and with some parental support for younger learners. Staff will contact parents and students via class website, Seesaw, Google Classroom, email and Managebac. 


The DIS Community Online Learning Hub

In the last two weeks we have been preparing for campus closure and to shift our learning online. Our teachers have been working incredibly hard to create online platforms and ways of learning virtually. We have been collaborating with educators from around the world who have moved to online learning to learn from them and their experiences.

The Community Hub has links to most parts of the virtual school that are currently open and more links will be added over the next few days. It would be good to check it often. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Our team at DIS is well prepared to help and assist if needed.

Emergency Care

Families who need the school to supervise their children (Preschool (including K5) and Grades 1-4) because both parents fall into one of the categories of essential employment, will be offered child supervision on-site.

A right to emergency care for families is only granted within a very restrictive framework and the employment areas of “critical infrastructure” are regulated in official documents (see pdfs). 

Please contact Katrin Schreiber ( if you want to register your child / your children.

Corona - FAQ

The continuous learning supports children in learning through play. Preschool parents find daily activities on the Google class websites. K5 is using Seesaw. Continuous Learning in the Primary School (Grade 1-5) supports children’s development through experiential learning and inquiry. They use Seesaw and Google Classroom. Students Grade 6-12 are using Google classroom and Managebac.

It is planned to open the school and preschool on April 20.

Yes, but only for Preschool students (PK1-PK3/4) and Students from K5 up to Grade 4. Emergency care is only offered under certain conditions described in the section “emergency care”. 

No. All students were told to pick up their material by March 18. After this date no students are allowed on campus except they are registered for emergency care. Please contact your child’s teacher if there is something needed.

Yes, all scheduled educational and community events at DIS during the campus closure are cancelled. Some will be postponed, e.g. PYP Exhibition. 

No, all activities at school and outside of school (e.g. Swimming Club) are cancelled.

Yes, our admissions coordinator is looking forward to answering all your questions and to supporting you. Please contact Ms Katrin Schreiber via email admissions[at]


Our both school counsellors are looking forward to helping you. Find the details in the section “counsellors”.

Our DIS Community Network is also happy to support our families. Send an email to discommunitynetwork[at]

Helpful Tips

We know that this time is causing uncertainty, worry, and some confusion about what will happen and you are thinking not only about your child’s education but also about the world health situation. In times of crisis, it is important to maintain routines and habits for your children. We hope that our online learning platforms will help to provide some structure to your family’s day.

This article from NPR offers some balanced views about parenting during this time of campus closure.

Again, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Our team at DIS is well prepared to help and assist if needed. We are here for you. If you need help, please speak to a teacher, connect through email or hang outs. Let us know how you are doing. Our teachers are here and counselors are around. Reach out to them. 

Secondary School Counsellor

Ms Eleonor Wallace 


Primary School Counsellor

Ms Sarah Louise Lamswood
Email: slamswood[at]

Social distancing means that we’re all spending a lot more time at home and not going out to things like movies and museums. Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t experience a little travel, and maybe a little culture, from your home computer. Check out this:



Although campus is closed, the Admissions Office remains available for inquiries via email and will continue to process applications and provide admission decisions. During this time all visits to campus are canceled. If you already have a visit planned, please contact our Admissions Officer, Katrin Schreiber, to reschedule your appointment.