DIS Community Network

The Dresden International School has a very active DIS Community Network. It is an initiative started by parents aimed at improving both student life and our community as a whole.

The DIS Community Network, is a team-based organic network of motivated community members on a voluntary basis, incorporating the DIS vision of Inspire. Move Forward. and Give Back. They are bringing together the school community in a positive, inviting and productive way. Their aim is to provide avenues of communication and teamwork, to represent parents within DIS to the school leadership, to take an active role in strategic planning and to improve student welfare and support fundraising while enabling the community to use its diverse talents to enhance school life. 

Purpose: To involve parents and teachers in promoting the welfare of students, and to actively support and foster the integration of parents, teachers, and students into the DIS community. The DIS Community Network is an initiative devoted to fostering community spirit and supporting the school in the education of our children through a variety of social, informational and fundraising activities, for example the Spring Festival, the Christmas Bazaar, the St. Martin's Day Parade, the Welcome Back BBQ or Cooking Classes.

The DIS Community Network supports a variety of activities throughout the school year to promote a sense of community and to raise funds that are used to enrich and improve the lives of our teachers and children at the school.

Get involved in the DIS Community!

Parent volunteers are a very important part of a successful school and volunteers are needed in every capacity, big or small, both in and out of the classroom. We understand the time challenges that you face and will coordinate the right volunteer opportunities that work for the time that you can offer.

The DIS Community Network is run by a leadership team that meets regularly.

Do you want to run for a leadership position? We are looking forward to welcoming new members. Send an email to info[at]dresden-is.de

The rest of the DIS Community can choose to support our school community in a different way: if you are interested in helping with an event or social get together, starting a new event or social happening, leading the organization of an event or social night out just post it on the DIS Community Network Facebook group and gather other parents for support - and go for it! We have teams such as Onboarding and Welcoming, Public Relations, Booster Club and Event Management - add your TEAM or join one!

We'd like to make it easier for our Community to get involved - to Inspire, to Move Forward and to Give Back by organically forming groups following their passions - be it music, welcoming new parents, a hike, a dance, organizing a night out for parents or a cooking night.

All parents and DIS faculty are invited to discuss their issues, share ideas or concerns, and to vote on the allocation of DIS Community Network funds and projects to pursue.

Do you want to receive information about what we are doing and our latest news? Do you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Do you have a talent that can come in useful for the school? Are you interested in volunteering in a warm and welcoming team? Or in giving back with a donation? Or do you have a questions? Send us an email to discommunitynetwork[at]gmail.com

Follow us on instagram: dis.community.network


Our New Mascot Sid

Have you already seen our latest community growth? He is tall, green and a little orange, has small horns and ears, a few wings and a long tail - and a friendly smile on his face. This is our new DIS dragon mascot Sid. 

The dragon is full of life, and fun! A real opportunity to start building some spirit around the school!

We thank ORGÆNIC Lifestyle for the generous sponsoring of the production and for supporting the design process. A special thank you goes to Nadine, Mario and Petra for initiating this project and for supporting the whole production process. Thank You!


Mascot Clothing

We are selling cute Mascot T-Shirts and Baseball Caps for our youngest students (only size 104, 116, 128). You find all details (price, pick-up, contact, etc.) in the form. Click here and order now!


All proceeds from the sale will be used to fund community events and school projects for our kids. Go Dragons!