Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning. The purposes of assessment are to promote student learning, to provide information about student learning and to contribute to the evaluation of the effectiveness of the program.

Teachers and students use a variety of assessment tools. Different components of our assessment program which we use to provide information about student learning are our report cards (issued in November, March and June), parent conferences (November), student portfolios and our student led conferences (April).

Portfolio Assessment

Portfolios are collections of student work that are designed to demonstrate successes, growth, creativity, areas that need improvement, and reflection. The portfolio is a celebration and an opportunity for students, parents, and teachers to share and discuss learning accomplishments and to set goals. It is also a chance to observe an overall picture of the students learning and to share what has been worked on.

Student Led Conferences

During the student led conference, each student will take their parents through a series of learning activities to demonstrate what they have learned. They will go over their portfolio and reflections, along with activities based on learning in the different subject areas. During each activity parents will have an opportunity to ask their child questions, set goals for the next term and observe what they have been learning.

Parents sign up for an hour block. More than one family will be working in the room, however each family group will be working independently on the different activities. They will also have an opportunity to meet with their teacher at some point during their conference. If more time is needed with any teacher, an additional appointment can be arranged.

For more information please access our download file: PYP Curriculum Guide

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