Greetings to all DIS Alumni!

Thank you for checking in with your alma mater on our website. Whether it has only been a few months since you were a student, or if years have passed since you walked our halls, we warmly welcome you as a life-long member of the DIS community.

It is our sincere hope that each of those who were once a part of our community and spent a part of their lives here within these halls return to visit the campus and renew your ties to the school. Aside from meeting up with some familiar faces and getting reacquainted with the old city of Dresden, we love to hear what you have been up to and how your lives beyond the school have developed and unfolded: Each of you represents and exciting chapter in an ever-growing history of the school community.

It is also of great interest to have you meet with our present students and speak with them about your experiences, hopes, dreams, discoveries, and memories. Although we may be scattered around the globe, we hope that you all know that there is always a place where you will feel welcomed at the school or preschool campus.

Please look ahead in your calendar and see if there is not a time and good excuse to come back to Dresden for a visit.

Alumni Facebook

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Alumni Facebook

Alumni at University

Students graduating from DIS have both the academic knowledge required to succeed in some of the most sought after universities across the world as well as the personal skills that ensures a seamless integration into the higher education system.

A majority of our students continue their studies in Germany, the UK, the USA and the Netherlands. We also have students graduating to Japan, Australia, India, Korea, and a range of European countries.

University Destinations

Australia - Creative Writing at La Trobe/Curtin, Engineering at University of New South Wales, Physical Therapy at University of Sydney

Austria - Linguistics at University of Graz, Medicine at University of Vienna, Veterinary Medicine at University of Vienna, Sociology at University of Vienna, Transcultural Communication at University of Vienna

France - International Relations at Sorbonne, Paris

Germany - Biology at University of Göttingen, BWL at Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich), Computer Science at TU Dresden, Chemistry at TU Dresden, Dentistry at TU Dresden, Education at TU Dresden, Electrical Engineering at TU Dresden, Fashion Design at Esmod Berlin, French/German Law at Cologne University, Law at Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich), Law at Heidelberg University, Law at University of Passau, Mechanical Engineering at TU Dresden, Media and Communication Management at MHMK (Munich), Pharmacy at Friedrich-Schiller University (Jena), Physics at TU Dresden

India - Physics/Engineering at Jain University

Netherlands - Water Management at Homeschool Zealand, Economics at Tilburg University

Singapore - Environmental Sciences at University of Singapore

Spain - Business at European University Barcelona

Switzerland - Hotel Management at César Ritz Colleges, Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zurich

United Kingdom - Accountancy & Finance at University of Bath, Art & Design at University of Glasgow (Scotland), Business & Management at University of Edinburgh, Drama & Applied Theatre + Education at University of London, Economics at Kings College (London), Finance at City University (London), History and Politics at Oxford University, International Relations at Saint Andrews University (Scotland), International Business at Exeter University, Law at Oxford University, Philosophy & Economy at Saint Andrews University (Scotland), Psychology at University of Edinburgh

USA - Arabic Studies at Monterey Institute (California), Archaeology at Colorado College, Astrophysics at Boston University, Medicine at Columbia University (New York)

Alumni Reunion

Every year the DIS Fundraising Association warmly welcomes back all former graduates for an informal December "Alumni Reunion".

It is a great opportunity to meet with friends from the past, share some great memories of Dresden and DIS and get caught up with what's going on at school.

A special thank you goes to our Fundraising Association for sponsoring the event!


Reunion 2018

On December 21, we were delighted to welcome almost 50 DIS alumni back to DIS for the annual reunion at the restaurant Ocakbasi. It was great to see familiar faces sharing their career stories and reconnecting with each other during the event.

This year graduates from the class of 2007 until 2018 attended. Since 2004, the first DIS graduation, 353 students have graduated successfully. While most of them are still studying worldwide and also in Germany, there are also many alumni who are working now. Some of them have already founded their own family and some are shuttling back and forth between two homes.

Most of the alumni who came to the reunion are studying or studied law, computer science, engineering, psychology, medicine and economics/international management. Some of them became teachers – great to see that our teachers showed that this profession, although challenging every day, could be fun.

It was great to hear all their stories and their future plans.

The school is really proud of all of them!

Giving Back

Being part of our vision “Giving Back” is an essential element of our school philosophy.

We have a rich history of support from all members of our community for our nearly 25 years of existence. 


Our Parent community is very much involved in the school life. We do offer many opportunities to be actively part of our school community.