The leadership team at Dresden International School school comprises the Directors (CEO and CFO)  and senior educational leaders (Principals and IB Coordinators/Assistant Principals). Our leadership team is responsible for working together to achieve the mission and strategic goals set for DIS annually.

Meet our Leadership Team

Steven Calland-Scoble


Mr Calland-Scoble is from the United Kingdom and was appointed as the Director of DIS in 2017. He holds a Masters Degree in educational leadership from Oxford Brookes University, UK and is a graduate of the LSE and University College, London. Mr Calland-Scoble has served in leadership and teaching roles for over 30 years in Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America. His passion in education is leadership development, intercultural learning and student action for global citizenship. 

Andrea Harnisch

Business Manager

Andrea Harnisch grew up on the edge of Saxon Switzerland. After completing her vocational training in the field of taxes, she began a course of studies in business administration with a focus on taxes and auditing, graduating as a Diplom-Kauffrau (certified merchant). Afterwards, Mrs Harnisch started her first employment at Arthur Andersen, Steuerberatungs- und Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft. In 2002 she joined Ernst & Young, also a tax consulting and auditing company. Andrea Harnisch has been working as a Business Manager at DIS since 2006. She is married and has one son and one daughter. Both children enjoy attending DIS with great pleasure.

Beth Dressler

Primary School Principal

Ms. Dressler is a dual citizen of the United States and Australia and was appointed Primary Principal/Deputy Director in 2019. She holds a Master's degree in Teaching from Michigan State University, is a COETAIL graduate and has been part of the IB Educators Network since 2005. Beth has served in leadership and teaching roles for over 20 years in the United States, Australia, Asia, and Europe. She is passionate about literacy and language learning, inquiry pedagogy, and developing teacher leaders.

Jennifer Tickle

Secondary School Principal

Ms. Jennifer Tickle is from the United Kingdom and was appointed as the Secondary Principal of DIS in 2019. She holds a Masters Degree in educational leadership from Bath University, UK and is a graduate of the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. Ms. Tickle has worked in international schools for over 25 years, across South East Asia, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and South America and has been an IB workshop leader and Principal Examiner.  Her background is as an arts educator and she is committed to developing leadership, critical thinking and service.

Kimberly Ann Aguirre

PYP Coordinator

Ms. Aguirre was appointed Primary Years Programme Coordinator for Grades K5-5 in 2020. Kim Aguirre has served in teaching and leadership positions in international schools in the United States, Germany, and Austria. She holds an undergraduate degree in primary education from Frostburg State University, a Masters Degree in Early Childhood from Cameron University, a certificate in leadership from George Washington University, and a certificate in International Education from ECIS and Cambridge University. Ms. Aguirre is passionate about empowering students and teachers to become lifelong learners. Her personal pursuits include traveling, baking, reading, and learning to play the Ukulele.

Joyce Larson

Preschool Coordinator

Ms. Joyce Larson joined DIS in 2006 as PYP Principal, serving for 8 years before becoming Preschool Coordinator. She started her international school experience in 1998, teaching in Kraków, Poland, and eventually moving to become Wroclaw International School’s first Principal. Originally from the United States, Joyce taught in public schools before moving to Europe. She holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees and a Masters Degree in Educational Administration. As Preschool Coordinator, you will find Joyce also teaching the sport and library classes at the preschool as well as parenting classes to DIS parents. She believes building relationships is foundational to successful education and strongly advocates for developing a nature component in our preschool curriculum. In a fast-changing world, she views communication and problem solving as vital life skills for the world's future adults.

Wendy Bassam-Coles

DP Coordinator

Wendy Bassam-Coles is the Assistant Principal and DP Coordinator for Grades 11 and 12, in addition to teaching history and individuals & societies. She has worked in IB schools for almost 20 years in the UK, the Philippines and at DIS. Originally graduating from the University of Liverpool, Wendy gained her PGCE from the University of Birmingham and her MA in Education from the University of Bath. At Bath, her dissertation that focused on the experiences of students transitioning into the Diploma Programme received the International Baccalaureate Prize. Wendy continues to focus on the students' experience of transition and aims to enhance pastoral care and student wellbeing in grades 11 and 12. She is particularly interested in the potential impact of restorative practice and positive education.

Flora Mather

MYP Coordinator

Flora Mather is the Assistant Principal and MYP Coordinator for Grades 6-10, in addition to teaching English Language and Literature in the MYP and DP. She has worked in IB schools for more than ten years in New Zealand, Hong Kong, the UK, and at DIS. Flora gained her MA and Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) from the University of Auckland. Flora has done additional graduate study in literacy education and worked with educational expert John Hattie, having the work she did at her school in Hong Kong published as a case study in his most recent book. Flora is particularly focused on building a social emotional wellbeing program for MYP students at DIS that builds on student skills in self-management (organizational and affective) and reflection, and further developing empathy and awareness of personal and social issues. She is also working closely with subject teams to refresh and enhance the written and taught curriculum at DIS to develop inquiry, critical and creative thinking as well as ensuring learning at DIS makes conceptually authentic, real-world connections with the world beyond the classroom.

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