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About us

The DIS Preschool is a full-day programme focusing on the whole child in a supportive, enriching environment where play-based inquiry is facilitated by highly skilled teachers. Our programme is the first step of the internationally-recognised Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate.

A Warm Welcome to Preschool!

We commit to creating and nurturing an environment where all children and adults:

  • Feel loved, safe and welcome

  • Engage in playful learning

  • Are motivated to grow

  • Make new unexpected experiences

  • Are inspired to inquire

  • Practice inquisitive learning

  • Share happiness

  • Invite the extraordinary

... and we encourage the above in everyone with whom we work.

Our Programme

Our preschool programme accommodates Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten children (1-6 years). Our inquiry-based approach encourages children to explore the physical and social world around them. The Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum is adaptable to state standards which gives our teachers the freedom to tailor their lessons to meet the specific needs of our students.


Class Web Pages

Each Preschool class has a web page that is regularly revised with weekly photos and descriptions of learning and events of the week. There is also timely information from the office, a monthly parenting blog, and general information for parents. This is an opportunity for the parent and child to speak in their mother tongue language about what is happening in the classroom. For the three- to five-year classes, the web pages also include information about the Units of Inquiry (UoI).

Room Parents

Each classroom group has one or two parents who serve as Room Parents.

The Room Parents serve as contacts for the teachers when volunteers are needed, they may also organise occasional playdates for the class group, and welcome new families.

Building Relationships

The DIS Preschool strives to establish a solid foundation for partnership between parents and teachers and facilitate healthy relationships in our community. Opportunities to come together and communication are two of the essential elements in building relationships.

We keep channels of communication open through web pages, conferencing, parenting classes, parent coffee mornings, and semester reports. Several times throughout the year, we invite families to join events such as picnics, holiday celebrations, and performances.

Family Picnics

Each September we host the Fall Family Potluck Picnic for all of our school families. The event begins with parents gathering together in their child’s classroom to have an opportunity to meet each other and engage in an ice-breaker activity followed by the picnic in the school garden. Parents bring food to share and the school provides sausages and drinks.  

In June we host the Spring Family Potluck Picnic. The event begins with a musical performance by the students, followed by the picnic, and ending with a play produced by and starring the teachers. We also invite new families who will be joining our school in August to join the picnic and start meeting new families.

On Sunday afternoons/evenings during the month of July, we host family potluck picnics for all DIS community members and friends from both campuses. The Summer Picnic Series give families an opportunity to meet during the traditional school vacation period.

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