Our mission is to provide a dedicated learning space where students can gather, evaluate, use and share information ethically and productively. Through donations and school purchases, our libraries have acquired 45,000 volumes, including online subscription databases. We welcome book donations to extend our collection in all of our students’ native languages.

Our hope is to help our students cultivate a love of reading and develop into critical researchers and effective problem solvers.


Heribert Heckschen Center

In January 2020 the school celebrated the naming of the Heribert Heckschen Center, formerly the Secondary Library, at a naming ceremony with Prof. Dr. Heribert Heckschen, his family and members of the DIS community. This special honour was awarded to Prof. Heckschen for his distinguished service to DIS since 2001 as a member, Vice Chair and Chair of the DIS Association.

Prof. Heckschen will be remembered for his passion towards the school, his generosity with time given to all members of the community and his commitment to international education and life-long learning. The Heribert Heckschen Centre is a deserved legacy that will be given to future generations of DIS students and acknowledgement of his achievements.

Preschool Campus

The preschool students (ages 1-5) learn in a beautiful, historic villa with large grounds in Dresden-Blasewitz. The environment is child centred, based on best early childhood learning practices provided by highly qualified, dedicated and caring staff.


School Campus

Students from Kindergarten and from Grade 1 to Grade 12 study at the school campus in Dresden-Altstadt. The modern campus facilities with a large sports hall offer excellent opportunities for students to progress in their learning successfully at all ages.


Student Support Services

Our Student Support Services help us meet the needs of a range of learning profiles.

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