As members of our international community, committed to the mission and vision of our school, we look forward to working together with you- teachers and parents supporting each other to ensure the best possible education for your child(ren).

Our school benefits a great deal from the numerous volunteer hours that are given to the school each year.

Parental (grandparental) involvement in school is so important to our success, both for DIS and also your child. Research shows that two of the greatest indicators of student success is parental/caregiver involvement and good attendance. Together we can ensure your child’s academic success by focusing on these two factors. You can get involved! Your help, even if it is just a few hours, goes a long way to ensuring a successful school year for our students, families and staff.

DIS Community Network

Our DIS Community Network provides many ways for all members of the DIS community to get involved and meet other families. Some volunteer opportunities include events, Welcoming Committee, Booster Club, the school garden and many more.

Join our DIS Community Network

Classroom Volunteers

Volunteers are always welcome to help in the classroom, library or as a field trip chaperone. Please talk directly to the teacher or contact the school office via phone +49 351 440070 or email for more information.

Hosting Students

You can be a host family for students from other international schools that are attending GISST Tournaments and ISTA Festivals at our school.


DIS hosts two special events (Christmas Bazaar, Spring Festival) annually that not only raise additional funds for the school, but provide fun and fellowship for our families. The success of our special events relies heavily on volunteers.

Event Calendar


DIS keeps in touch with the school's alumni - whether you were a student or parent via our alumni programme. Our growing, mobile community would like to include you, hear your story or help you get in touch with members of the network of the greater DIS community.


Our Parent community is very much involved in the school life. We do offer many opportunities to be actively part of our school community.