Dresden International School is committed to acting with honesty and integrity in line with the DIS Values. It expects all staff to maintain high standards in accordance with their contractual obligations and the school’s policies and procedures. A culture of openness and accountability is essential to maintain such standards, prevent illegal/unethical situations from occurring, and to address them if they do occur. 

Our company values ethical behavior and mutual respect. In case you witness unethical behavior that is difficult to discuss personally, we have established whistleblowing channels. Community members have two options:

  • Write a letter to our Compliance Officer Tommy Glaser, e.g. sent via post, or put into his internal mailbox.
  • Use the online tool FaceUp available here to receive any disclosures anonymously. Through this channel, you can safely send reports of illegal and unethical behavior, improvement suggestions, questions, or any feedback. 

How does the online tool work?
Our school has launched FaceUp, an anonymous online reporting platform. FaceUp exists as a website and a mobile application. Each submitted report is forwarded directly to the authorized personnel in our school, who will deal with the report based on the provided information.

Please click on the link below. 

Face Up Platform