3-5 Year Olds

Multi-age groupings for our three- to five-year-olds provide leadership opportunities for all children, make it easier to differentiate for challenges or early cognitive spikes, facilitate continuous progress at an individual’s pace, benefit from powerful peer modeling, and provide meaningful, engaged learning. Children spend two years with the same teaching team and in the same classroom.

There are three groups of children. Each group with student:teacher ratio of 9:1 is guided by qualified and caring full-time teachers.

They are housed in the historic villa at Goetheallee 18 in Dresden-Blasewitz.

To start in these groups, children need be 3 by 30th June. Start is preferably at the beginning of the school year but entering the preschool is also possible throughout the year.

English is the predominant language of communication. German is also introduced through songs, stories and other resources.


In our Preschool we follow the transdisciplinary and inquiry-based Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organisation starting at age 3. At this level, inquiry is most often play-based, capitalizing on young children’s natural inclination to explore and make sense of their world.

Students inquire into, and learn about, globally significant issues in the context of units of inquiry, each of which addresses a central idea relevant to a particular transdisciplinary theme. The PYP uses a constructivist approach to help children make meaning of their lives and the world around them. Each unit of inquiry also includes a focus on skills and attributes from the Learner Profile, PYP Attitudes, and PYP Transdisciplinary Skills to be taught within the context of the unit whenever possible, and as stand-alone when not. 

We value flexibility in expectations about when and how children acquire certain competencies which means we meet each child where s/he is at and support development to the next level.

We are offering a rich program for your child that lays the foundations for all future learning.

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Five tools for reporting on children’s development are parent conferences, student portfolios, online platform Seesaw, semester reports, and student-led conferences. Before the child starts, transition plan developed, orientation for parents, goal setting


Online Platform. Parents have individualized insight into their child’s learning through digital artifacts posted to your child’s Seesaw Journal.

Fall Conference

Reflection on transition; teacher shares development progress

Spring Conference

Students share their portfolios with parents and teach their parents about what they are learning

Student Portfolio

The student portfolio is a celebration of developmental progress and learning. Periodic samples of children's work are collected each year, PK1-PK3/4, creating evidence of their learning journey.

In the first parent-teacher conference in the preschool, one of the goals is to create the transition plan for new children in partnership with the parents. Each transition plan is unique to the individual needs of the child, and the plan must be flexible to accommodate those needs.

Student transitions may include beginning with the parent in class or in house, half-day attendance, or early pick up.

A typical day

7:30 - 8:00 Morning Care
8:15 - 8:30 Singing (once a week with all preschool children)
Starting at 8:00 Morning Circle
  Center and small-group instructional time connected to the current unit of inquiry
  Outdoor play time
  Morning Snack
  Two 40-min sports period per week
11:45 Lunch
14:30 Library Lesson (once a week)
Story time / Sleeping  
Transition / Snack  
15:15 (Tues 14:30) Dismissal or After School Care until 18:00

When possible, the preschool teachers plan age-appropriate field trips or guest speakers to provide students with first-hand, personal experiences. Such trips in the past included a fire station, science lab, hospital, restaurant, Leo Mini Cup, Dresden Zoo, and the public library.

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