Student Support Services

At the Dresden International School we celebrate diversity in our community. We want to assure that our students achieve their highest potential. Our Student Support Services help us meet the needs of a range of learning profiles.

We provide counseling, special educational services, and English as an Additional Language (EAL) to support our students on their path to academic success.

Support during transitions from abroad to Germany, or between school levels as well as careers and university counselling are also available to our students.

English Language Support

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme exists to ensure that students arriving at the school with limited or no experience of English are supported during their acquisition of the language. Our goal is to facilitate learners’ acquisition of the language and communication skills necessary to fully access the curriculum and take advantage of all learning opportunities within and outside the classroom.

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Our two school counsellors, one at the Primary School and one at the Secondary School, are dedicated to supporting students, teachers, and parents with wellbeing and emotional health, with the goal of promoting academic success. They meet with individuals confidentially and in groups. In Secondary School our school counsellor also supports the Extended Advisory lessons.

Counselling Programme

Learning Support

We are committed to providing an inclusive education for all its learners and so maximizes opportunities to fully access the curriculum by removing barriers to learning. The International Baccalaureate is an inquiry-based programme that is responsive to learners’ diverse needs and learning styles. Our school employs qualified Learning Support Specialists to provide information and assist staff and parents in identifying and meeting a student’s learning needs.

At DIS we support students with mild to moderate learning needs from the point of admission through their academic career.

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Preschool Campus

The preschool students (ages 1-5) learn in a beautiful, historic villa with large grounds in Dresden-Blasewitz. The environment is child centred, based on best early childhood learning practices provided by highly qualified, dedicated and caring staff.


School Campus

Students from Kindergarten and from Grade 1 to Grade 12 study at the school campus in Dresden-Altstadt. The modern campus facilities with a large sports hall offer excellent opportunities for students to progress in their learning successfully at all ages.


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