Physical Education

Physical fitness is an essential part of a child’s overall well-being. All DIS students take part in structured Physical Education (PE) classes in addition to free play recess periods. For PE classes at the school campus, students use the fully equipped sports hall. Local swimming pools, ice-skating rinks, and tennis courts may also be used for PE classes.

Order PE Uniforms

At DIS all students (at Preschool and School campus) need to wear the mandatory uniform for Physical Education including indoor and outdoor sports shoes). More information to find in the parent handbook that is available at school offices.

In order to get your sports uniform, please contact us (sportsuniform[at] or phone 0351 44007 0) and provide following information: name, grade, specify garment, fabric, size, and number.

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Our athletic programmes strive to promote good sportsmanship, strong commitment, and valuable teamwork. Students can compete in many different sports throughout the school year, from badminton and basketball to soccer and swimming.

Student-athletes have the chance to participate locally in the community but also in the German International School Sports Tournaments conference (GISST). GISST consist of twelve international schools around Germany. Each member school host two tournaments a year with over 80 students competing in each tournament.

We encourage our students to discover the physical health benefits, increased commitment and the value of teamwork that results from participation in sports.

Tournament Dates

Get ready for an exciting year of competition! Mark your calendars to support our fantastic student-athletes.

28 September 2019 Cross Country @ Berlin British School

21-23 November 2019 Varsity Volleyball @ Dresden International School

5-7 December 2019 Varsity badminton @ International School Hannover Region

31 Jan - 1 Feb 2020 Swimming All Ages @ International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

26-28 March 2020 Tennis @ Leipzig International School

27-29 May 2020 Track&Field @ Berlin Brandenburg International School

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