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We’re delighted that you want to explore Dresden International School.

As a proud IB World School, we offer a very comprehensive and challenging International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum for children and young adults from preschool starting at the age of one to Grade 12 on two campuses.

Our students are focused on developing the skills to creatively collaborate on the challenges of the future. We encourage their growth into changemakers who can work at both local and global levels to create a world with environmental, economic, and social well-being for everyone.

Please explore our website and find out more about our school, our academic programs and co-curricular activities. We look forward to speaking with you personally, and to introduce you to the vibrant, caring international community that you will find at our school.

Personal school tours can be arranged with our Admissions Coordinator all year round. In addition to this, we offer individual video call consultations while being abroad.

We are looking forward to showing you our school and answering any questions you may have, both personally or virtually. Please contact our Admissions Officer, Katrin Schreiber, to schedule your appointment or if you have questions. Please include the date of birth, current grade level if applicable, and preferred start date in the email.

+49 351 44 007 16 admissions@dresden-is.de

Places Available

2023-24 & Application process for 2024-25 has started

For the current school year 2023-24, we have a few places available in the group with 1-2 year olds. Occasionally we have openings in other grade levels (Primary and Secondary School). 

If you are interested in a place during the current school year, please contact our Admissions Coordinator, Ms Schreiber, for further information. She will be happy to provide all necessary information and arrange individual appointments. 

Applications can now be submitted for the 2024-2025 school year.

World Citizens made in Dresden

We seek students who demonstrate a spirit of curiosity, empathy and passion about their world. We strive to create an authentic learning community in which we genuinely get to know, value and nurture each and every student, and his or her unique skills and strengths.

We appreciate that choosing the right school for your child is an enormous decision and we are here to help as you move through the admissions process.

We are looking forward to getting to know you, answering your questions and helping you through the transition process.

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Come visit our campus and see firsthand what makes DIS so special.


The admissions process is coordinated by Katrin Schreiber. If you are interested in registering your child for admission, we invite you to contact Ms. Schreiber. She can be reached by email or by phone.

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  1. Valuing the acquisition of learning skills (learning how to learn).
  2. Preparing for life-long learning through practical education (field trips and outdoor education).
  3. Encouraging children to become informed and confident decision-makers.
  4. Preparing students to become active members of local and global communities.
  5. Developing social skills in an accepting environment.
  6. Developing the whole person (e.g., after-school sports, music, drama, art, desktop publishing, web page design, etc.).
  7. Involving community members in school partnerships.
  8. Taking advantage of English as the primary language of instruction and communication.
  9. Teachers using ‚best practice’ teaching materials from the UK, US, Canada, and Germany.
  10. Deutsch wird auch hier gesprochen. Learning German on a daily basis (as mother-tongue or as a foreign language) in small groups.