DIS is so much more than being taught in the classroom. We are organizing different events for the whole community during the school year.

Our school belongs to the whole family and it shows in the variety of events scheduled that bring the community together. While most events are put on for DIS families or for our students, others like the Spring Festival or the Charity Golf Tournament, are open to the broader Dresden community.

Check the calendar now for these events and make plans to attend all of them!

School Dates

Bookings open for Secondary Conferences


Parents will be notified via email to look in the grade books on ManageBac for progress grades, booking opens for SPTCs

Student Parent Teacher Conferences (Secondary)


> Classes until 12:50, students depart (DP classes will run if needed: teachers will decide and communicate to their classes). No Gourmetta service.
> 13:45-18:30 students and parents meet online with subject teachers and advisors, use MBac to drive conversation.

Grade 12 Send-off

School Campus

This is the last school day for our senior students in grade 12. It is a tradition at DIS to celebrate their send-off within the whole community.

We are going to keep our fingers crossed for a physical send-off, with students having breakfast in advisories and also getting good-bye gifts from the students in PYP and MYP.

Parent Training II Seesaw (Preschool)


The link to the online event will be shared with our preschool parents (PK1, PK2, PK3/4) directly. 

Student Parent Teacher Conference (Secondary)


> Classes until 14:25
> 15:00-19:00 students and parents meet with subject teachers and advisors, use MBac to drive conversation.

Online Information Event (Grades 1-4)


Virtual Preschool Open House (18:00-19:00)


Graduation Ceremony

City Hall Dresden