Why an International School?

Dresden International School is a comprehensive school which offers an outstanding and continuous education from Preschool to Grade 12. DIS is an established World School offering the three International Baccalaureate Organization programmes. DIS has a proud tradition of providing an innovative, holistic education that encourages all students to be successful and responsible in an evolving world.

We believe an education that is relevant, enriching and excellent is preparation for meeting the students’ needs of today and exploring the possibilities of the future. As an international community, we celebrate diversity and place great emphasis on inclusion.

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What makes DIS special?

It is the mission of Dresden International School to provide a stimulating programme of learning through the IB Programmes offered that will develop the individual's natural curiosity and cultivate in each student a desire to discover their passion within a broad, holistic educational experience. It is our goal to challenge our students to be academically successful and socially concerned individuals. Especially important is the emphasis we place on developing each student's critical thinking and cultivating empathy with others who come from different national and cultural backgrounds. Making DIS truly international in the way we behave towards each other and the local and world communities of which we are an integral part continues to be an essential objective for us.

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What does the school do for my child?

At DIS we support children in the acquisition of knowledge and essential learning skills. We encourage our students to become informed and confident decision-makers. We prepare students for life-long learning through practical education and encourage them to become active members of local and global communities.

We focus on individual learning pathways and the development of the whole student through sports, drama, music, art and technology lessons. The accepting environment provided at our school allows children to develop essential social skills and their personalities to unfurl.

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Welcome to Dresden International School!

At DIS we are proud of our thriving and diverse international community. We educate over 510 students between the ages of 1 and 18 years old from 50 different countries. It is important that our students are quickly made to feel part of the school so that they are happy, safe and cared for in a challenging learning environment. We prepare our students to become active, enquiring learners and our well-qualified and committed international faculty, our small class sizes, and our teaching resources and facilities will support them in their pursuit of excellence.

Our mission is to educate, inspire and challenge each student to realize his or her academic potential. We are always seeking to raise student expectations and are always trying to ensure that every student has the best possible preparation for their future. Our school motto `World Citizens Made in Dresden` reflects the vision for our students.

Steven Calland-Scoble, Director

Preschool Campus

The preschool students (ages 1-5) learn in a beautiful, historic villa with large grounds in Dresden-Blasewitz. The environment is child centred, based on best early childhood learning practices provided by highly qualified, dedicated and caring staff.


School Campus

Students from Kindergarten and from Grade 1 to Grade 12 study at the school campus in Dresden-Altstadt. The modern campus facilities with a large sports hall offer excellent opportunities for students to progress in their learning successfully at all ages.



As an international school, we also act as a focal point for the larger community. Not only our students are enjoying school-life: parents and staff are welcome to participate in the many opportunities we offer for all members of our community.

DIS is more than a school. For more than 20 years it has been the home to many people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. We are proud to have such a warm, inclusive and welcoming community of students, parents, teachers, staff, and alumni. It is their dedication, commitment, and involvement that makes the DIS Community what it is today.