Co-Curricular Programme

Starting after last period, we offer our students a daily supplementary educational and recreational programme. Here, students can engage in a wide range of pursuits including dance, fine arts, games, and sports. The afternoon programme provides students the opportunity to try out activities, acquire new knowledge and perfect already existing abilities. With our various PYP Co-curriculars, we aim to strengthen our students’ personalities, encourage their thirst for knowledge and promote collaboration between them.

Our PYP Co-Curricular Activities Semester 2

A Selection of Co-Curricular Activities


Basketball, Badminton, Swimming, Soccer, Karate


Choir, Musical, Library Mural Art Club, Ballet, Dance


24 Math Game, Nature Club, Cooking

Preschool Campus

The preschool students (ages 1-5) learn in a beautiful, historic villa with large grounds in Dresden-Blasewitz. The environment is child centred, based on best early childhood learning practices provided by highly qualified, dedicated and caring staff.


School Campus

Students from Kindergarten and from Grade 1 to Grade 12 study at the school campus in Dresden-Altstadt. The modern campus facilities with a large sports hall offer excellent opportunities for students to progress in their learning successfully at all ages.


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