Reaching Higher For Success

Dresden International School's Vision and Mission statements promise a bold and exciting future for the whole DIS community. Our approach to learning and school community will see us  further develop Dresden International School as a leader in progressive and high quality learning.

How we define high quality learning at DIS?

Learning at DIS is a lifelong, personal and collaborative process of inquiry, reflection and growth.

Learning at DIS builds upon our prior knowledge and experiences.

Learning at DIS advances our conceptual understanding, knowledge, skills and attributes in authentic ways.

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The DIS Vision

Inspire. Move Forward. Give Back.

For our students, this will mean an education that is relevant, enriching and an excellent preparation for meeting their needs of today and exploring the possibilities of the future. The Mission and Vision statements and the DIS Strategic Plan are a necessary guide that ensures our students’ goals are being met, now more than ever, in our complex, challenging and changing world.

To deliver this, we want to develop a collaborative learning culture based on best practices that inspire students across all grades so that they can take individual responsibility to move forward as independent learners, enjoying success and share their achievements so as to give back now and in the future. Our school Values – of being Open-Minded, displaying Compassion, Commitment and Integrity – are the attributes we believe will help students, staff and parents achieve our Vision.

The DIS Mission

We are a diverse community that empowers innovative and collaborative learning. As learners, we are prepared to be multifaceted, self-sufficient individuals who contribute to society.

The DIS Values

Values describe principles or standards of behaviour. They define the principles or standards in our school and the wider DIS community.


Our community shows empathy, respect and kindness in our relationships with each other and as active global citizens.


Our community demonstrates dedication towards learning. We persevere in the pursuit of individual and community growth.


Our community practices honesty and strong moral principles.


Our community appreciates different cultures and personal histories. We seek, evaluate and respect a range of perspectives, and are willing to grow from the experience.

DIS Anti-Racism Statement

In June 2021 we drafted the DIS Anti-Racism Statement. The leadership of many schools and educational organisations worldwide have been following the trend of swiftly releasing statements of support and condemnation against racial violence. While these statements provide solidarity and support, we as a school would like to go further than just release such a message.

More importantly, we as a school will prefer action over written words. Within our Anti-Racism Statement to the DIS Community, we have indicated how we intend to work on concrete measures that address and counter racism in our work as educators.

Clearly, we can do much as an IB school to participate as a force for change in building a better world for our students, families, and community. We invite our school community to this possibility and look forward to the great work we can achieve together.

DIS Anti-Discrimination Statement on Religion

This statement communicates our promise to uphold the DIS values of open-mindedness, compassion, integrity, and commitment. Understanding freedom of thought and religion as a fundamental human right, our school aims to promote mutual understanding and respect, reinforcing our collective responsibility to counteract the divisive forces present in society. It also underlines our commitment to stand up against hate and hate crimes in all their forms.

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