Fundraising Association

The Fundraising Association (Förderverein der Internationalen Schule Dresden e.V.) was formed in 1996, when the school was founded and is a separate non-profit organisation.

The Members of the Association are community leaders in the field of economics, politics and science, parents and people who realize the importance of an International School in the region of Dresden.

Major companies also consider the school a key requirement when they are wanting to relocate, therefore making it essential to further foreign investment. They all volunteer to support the Dresden International School and its community.


Board Chair: Prof. Dr. Michael Beitelschmidt

Board members: Evelyn Chalmakoff, Jane Dietrich-Schendel, Peter Gassen, Angelika Linke, Matthias Löffelholz, Antje Schönberg, Jörg Weidner

The Fundraising Association raises funds to ensure the school's continued development on a secure financial basis.

Since the school is a non-profit organisation, DIS relies on much valued support through donations and sponsorship.

The Fundraising Association is committed to support the school's goals and to ensure that Dresden International School remains a key factor in the economic and cultural development of the greater Dresden region.

From time to time the school will approach the Fundraising Association with the request for funding of certain projects which improve education and student's life.

Nomos 20 Project

The School turned 20 years in September 2016. To recognize this special occasion we created a special DIS school edition of the famous Saxony NOMOS watches (Glashütte). We have done so twice with great interest by our DIS parents and friends of DIS. The special edition is now available and will be sold in combination with a donation to the school such that the sum of the purchase price and donation matches the price of the watch in the store. The proceeds of the project will enable the school to fund extra education and development activities above and beyond the regular school program.

DIS Golf Tournament


The biggest event our Fundraising Association organizes is the charity golf tournament for the benefit of the school. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our Fundraising Association unfortunately had to cancel the charity event, originally scheduled for September 12, 2020. Restrictions and uncertainty do not allow us to provide the quality golf tournament experience that we want to offer.