Alumni back at DIS

Over 30 graduates from 2010 up to last year met in a very happy community gathering in December. Since 2004, the first DIS graduation, over 380 students have graduated successfully. While most of them are still studying worldwide and also in Germany, there are also many alumni who are working now. Some of them have already founded their own family and some are shuttling back and forth between two homes. 

Some examples:
Momo, class of 2014, studied Politics and Communications at the University of Greifswald and is now working at a PR agency consulting the German Ministry for Environment in Berlin
> Felix, class of 2015, is doing his Master in Mechanical Engineering at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich
> Jonas, class of 2016, studies Math at the University College of London. 
> Sofie, class of 2018, studies Medicine and Psychology of Crime at the Vienna University in Austria.
> Nadine, class of 2010, studied business in the Netherlands and works now in Marketing at a technology company in Amsterdam

It was a rare experience to meet so many alumni at a single event, which captured the special place that the school holds in the heart and memory of so many bright and successful young adults. It is, of course, a growing community and one that we should continue to connect with and use the guidance and talents of in the years to come. A special thank you goes to our Förderverein for supporting the event.