Alumni Christmas Get-Together

Just before the Christmas break, nostalgia filled the air as we gathered at Café Max for an unforgettable Alumni Get-Together! More than 40 alumni from 2008 - 2023 and staff came from all over Europe and even as far as Chicago to reconnect and enjoy the festive season. Before the event, some former students took the opportunity to visit the School Campus. They reminisced about classroom antics and caught up on current DIS school life. We thank our DIS Fundraising Association for sponsoring this wonderful event.

Alumni are always welcome to come by to visit their alma mater. Recently, brother and sister alumni currently studying in Stuttgart, also visited DIS. It is always such a pleasure to see our students after many years and to hear where life has taken them so far.

Staying connected with former students is not just a pleasant tradition; it's a vital aspect that contributes significantly to the overall growth and spirit of our school community. Let's keep the spirit alive in 2024 and look forward to many more gatherings that celebrate the legacy of our alma mater.