Co-Curriculars Start Again

We are thrilled to announce that our co-curricular program at DIS starts on Monday, 12 September. Semester 1 activities will run until 16 December.  We are excited to be able to offer a selection of co-curricular activities for our students in the Primary and Secondary School. We know how important these programs are for our students to be connected, have fun, extend their learning, and to feel part of the community. School is more than what happens in the classroom. So we believe it is important to give our students as many ways as possible to experience success, venues to make new friends and opportunities to explore their incredible talents. We want to offer them learning in a playful mode while doing sports, performing on stage, making music, joining a club or getting creative in another activity. In the process, they are bonding with the school and also strengthen their friendships with each other, which is essential for us as an all-day school. Check out what we offer the first semester! Primary School and Secondary School