DIS Becoming Eco-School

We are happy to announce that we were recognized as Eco-School which is committed to sustainable development on November 26, 2020.

The German organization “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Umwelterziehung” has commended our school for its actions in raising awareness of environmental and climate protection in 2019-20. This important certification offers DIS the guidance needed in its journey towards providing a valuable Education for Sustainable Development of our students. 

This commitment to our environment is long standing but the student led action towards the Eco-School program began in 2018. We applied with two projects “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and “DIS goes Green”. Our Eco Club in the Primary School, led by Angela Runte, and the Eco Club in the Secondary School, led by James Glendinning, organized a variety of activities to raise awareness about protecting the environment and to promote sustainability. The focus of project 1 was on showing our community how we can save energy, avoid plastic and reduce waste. The students started the “No Wrapper Tuesday”, Grade 3 organized a fashion show with clothes made out of trash, Grade 4 designed arcade games out of old material and students took care of our internal recycling system to name only a few. They hold presentations in classes, wrote poems and produced their own little movies educating other students. We as a school are strongly committed to our environmental goals. We also applied for a special funding to exchange our lamps with LED lamps. Project 2 was about making our campus greener. We planted new trees and are further developing our school garden. Our students are continuing this year with several new projects and activities. 

Being an Eco School in Europe and an International Sustainability School helps our students to understand the important aspects of sustainability on a global scale, making them global citizens and future ambassadors that share their commitment towards a truly sustainable world. We continue to integrate environmental topics into our program.