Excellent IB Results

We are excited to announce our 2022 International Baccalaureate (IB) exams results with an average of 35 IB points. Despite challenging times our class of 2022 achieved amazing results. There were 29 students completing the full IB Diploma Program in 2022 out of which 12 have attended DIS since Grade 1. In order to obtain the Diploma, students must achieve a minimum of 24 points and the maximum points that can be awarded is 45 points. 21 % of our students scored 40 or more, of the possible 45 points. Three students scored 42 points or higher which is equivalent to 1.0 in the German Abitur. Congratulations, Assol Britvina, Richard Harnisch and Anne Struffmann! 72% gained a bilingual diploma. This is well above the world average. There are many, many successes and individual triumphs to celebrate. 

Our school takes students on an amazing journey through three IB programs in preparation for university and life beyond. Our curriculum gives each student the freedom to choose their learning path and develops world citizens whereby our students will be multi-talented and independent learners who contribute positively to society. Well done Class of 2022, we are immensely proud of you!

These amazing results would not be possible without our teacher's unstinting support of our students. And all of this was during the context of the pressure caused by the pandemic...what an achievement. A sincere thank you to our teachers, of course, this extends not only to the DP teachers, but also everyone else who taught the students in the MYP, provided EAL lessons, learning support, counselled them and helped the students in numerous ways. 

Check out our IB Results!