Excellent IB Results of Class 2019

The class of 2019 and we are pleased with this year’s excellent exam results. Thirty-six students sat the IB examinations this year and they earned an average score of 31 points and achieved an average subject score of 5.29 points (7 is the maximum).

While the academic results continue to be outstanding, we are most proud of the fact that our students have developed their intellect, skills and character to become caring individuals and adaptable and independent thinkers. The majority of our graduates leave our school as bilingual or trilingual learners and this is a unique feature of the education that we offer. They will strengthen a global community of citizens, determined to make a difference to the organizations and communities in which they live and work. We are looking forward to hearing the stories of our World Citizens made in Dresden.

We are also very happy for Luzia Kirschbaum and Marlena Nelson. They gained the highest scores which are equivalent to 1.1 in the Abitur.

The excellent scores reflect the ambition, commitment and hard work of the students, aided by a team of dedicated teachers who always challenged our students to achieve more than what they could have thought possible.

We are excited to see where future paths will take our graduates. Some of them will accept their places offered at universities, e.g. in the Netherlands, UK and Germany, whilst others have planned a gap year and will commence university the following year.

Our best future wishes to the Class of 2019!

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