Exploring the Past

Our grade 5 students have been immersed in a unit of inquiry about the former GDR (DDR).  From field trips (Leipzig and Dresden), to speakers, to a human library, to reading, watching, and debating, our students have become true inquirers and truly inspired to understand how the past influences our lives today. They have made personal connections to how the events in history have changed the course of their lives.  “I know that had the wall not come down in 1989 that my parents, one from the DDR and one from West Germany would have never met and I would not be here today”.  “My family, who is from the Middle East, would have never been able to move to Dresden if the wall had not come down”.  Students have connected the history of their country to that of Germany, pointing out that their country’s citizens worked together to make change.  We are incredibly proud of our German team and the grade 5 teachers for collaborating on this important and impactful unit of learning, and we are thrilled that our students have gained a deeper understanding of change, responsibility, and causation.