Happy First Graders

For all students, the first school day of the new school year was on Wednesday, 17 August, but for some students a little bit earlier. Saturday, 13 August was a very special day for our first graders in particular, who celebrated this important chapter in their life. Our 18 first graders from  8 different nations put on their school bags and visited their classrooms for the first time. Most of all, the girls and boys were looking forward to the sugar cone (“Zuckertüte”) filled with sweets and school supplies, which was handed over during the festive ceremony today. Great support was provided by our mascot Sid. It is a beautiful tradition that we at DIS like to pass on to first graders from all over the world. A special thank you goes to the PYP teachers and admin staff who worked hard to make this a memorable event, to Mario and Nadine for supporting the event. 

We wish them all a good start.