It Starts With You

Climate activists say: "It starts with you" 

On Monday, 20 February 2023, we had the privilege of welcoming the 2022 Dresden Peace Prize laureate and climate change litigator, Roger Cox and Fridays for Future Deutschland representative, Helena Marschall to our school. After a short school tour led by three of our students, our guests addressed the Grade 5 – 12 students in the sports hall. It was inspiring to hear how these two individuals have respectively made an impact in their fight for climate change and how they continue to motivate others to do the same. They urged students to take action and to be changemakers in society. As an IB World School with a strong focus on sustainability, we are always looking to reduce our carbon footprint and to encourage our students to be active role players in positive change. We greatly appreciate the work of Mr. Cox and Ms. Marschall.