Muzoon visits DIS

DIS is honoroured to welcome Muzoon Almellehan Unicef goodwill ambassador and Dresden Peace Prize winner to Dresden International School. At 14 years old Muzoon left her home in Syria and took only her school books with her. Telling her story and sharing how important it is for people to use their voice. “I believe in young people for the future!” She is regarded as one of the strongest and most influential voices in the struggle for education for children in crisis areas. She keeps saying: “If you have education, no one can take it away from you”.  

It was a privilege to welcome Muzoon to our school, where she spent the morning visiting the campus, meeting students in class and making a presentation to the primary and secondary students. The students had a very special Q&A session in which she shared her life story and message of peace and education. It was a truly memorable and inspiring occasion for our students and staff to spend time with a special person and true role model. Thank you for inspiring us!