Redesign PYP Library

With our school mission as a ‘collaborative, diverse, and innovative learning community’, we have been investigating how our learning spaces reflect this mission. One area we have concentrated on is furniture. In order to help us realize the DIS mission, we have introduced new flexible furniture in the Primary School.

We are trialing a range of these new furniture options in the Primary School library. There is a range of seating options, including ‘wobble’ seats, soft furnishings, and new rugs for students to sit on the floor in small groups. We have new flexible shelving units which allow for increased student access to books and have removed the teacher desks to increase the floor space for students to interact with the resources. A further improvement is to increase digital spaces in the library to improve student learning and to allow the DIS Primary School library to be a truly 21st century learning space. More details to follow as we continue to develop. A special thank you goes to our Förderverein for sponsoring the new furniture.