Saying Goodbye to Grade 12

Last week we said goodbye to our 38 students of Grade 12 and we were really pleased that this year we could actually say goodbye in person, rather than the online experience we had last year. The students dressed up following a different theme each day for their last five days of school and also had fun working together to set up their extremely creative prank day.

On April 21 it was our turn to say goodbye. PYP students and the secondary students had been working hard in the lead up to this day to prepare personalised goodbye gifts for every student in Grade 12, including beautifully made paper flowers, individual decorated masks, cards, poems and words of encouragement.  Grade 12 got these gifts during a special advisory breakfast and they also got the chance to watch a slideshow that their teachers had produced for them containing many photos and memories from their time at DIS. After the breakfast, it was time for them to participate in their last DIS assembly outside in our amphitheatre - sharing their plans for the future and favourite memories from their time at school. After some speeches, the Grade 12s left the building. 

The final IB examinations take place from Friday 28 April - Wednesday 19 May and are at the school campus this year, due to the covid restrictions. We wish Grade 12 all the best, and hope that their dedicated preparation pays off. Good Luck!