School Update

On Monday and Tuesday the main school campus will be open to parents and visitors on Monday and Tuesday next week and office staff can be contacted by email and phone as normal. Students may also be on campus but only to collect any personal belongings and learning materials needed for the coming weeks. Students must leave campus immediately afterwards. Please note that teaching staff will not be available for meetings with parents and students as they make final preparations for continuous learning off campus from Wednesday onwards. 

By Tuesday afternoon we should have the community portals for continuous learning fully accessible for all families at DIS. In the meantime there will be further communication from Ms. Dressler and Ms. Tickle and their staff on necessary preparations for our students´ learning. For PYP families there is a survey to assess the level of support for your child's learning needs when we close. 

The Preschool Campus at G18 will remain open for children with parents in essential work areas (health workers, care workers, educators and teachers, medical suppliers, energy workers, food industry workers, justice professionals, fire and police). Please do not send your child to preschool if you do not work in these occupations. This will allow preschool staff to prepare for continuous learning off campus from Wednesday.

We will inform families at the earliest if there is any further guidance provided by the Staatsministerium on any new school learning requirements at DIS from Wednesday onwards. 

We hope you are all managing well at this very unusual time as we plan to maintain the best possible learning experience for our students. Thank you for your understanding of the current closure situation and support given.