Science Lab Refurbished

The renovation and modernisation of our Science Lab has been completed.

At the end of February, the arrival of the five new “medienBuddy” concluded the renovations and modernistaion of our Science Lab. Starting off during the Summer Break 2023, this process included the installation of new cabinets, flooring, water and electrical outlets, washing stations, tables, chairs and a fresh layer of paint.

The “medienBuddy” units are mobile units for supplying media such as electricity, wifi and gas. The units support self-organized learning and our modern learning concept. It is now possible to work and experiment flexibly in small or large teams - even outside conventional classrooms or labs. Our school is the second school in Germany to use these buddies after the world premiere in 2023 and we are now one of the first schools in the world to use this system.

We would like to thank all families and friends who donated to our Science Lab initiative. Their contributions have not only made it possible for us to realize this crucial project but have also demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the advancement and prosperity of our school community.