Student Council Connects

On 20 March, members of the DIS Student Council Leadership Team had an amazing opportunity to join the newly organized annual GISSC conference (German International School Student Council). The GISSC is a joint committee of Student Councils from all International schools of Germany. The event took place over the video conference tool Zoom for over seven hours. 

The annual event was created with the intent to promote communication, share ideas, establish goals, and even develop plans for future projects. The members of the DIS student council were split up into 3 committees where they communicated and collaborated with students from schools such as Leipzig International School, Munich International School, Berlin Brandenburg International School and, others to share their experience as a member of the student council and establish what works for them, which allowed others to gain inspiration for their own communities. This event allowed the members to form new friendships and connections, and of course, learn about what it takes to be a leader and how essential this is to the school community. GISSC highlighted the importance of the student council and promoted nation-wide collaboration. 

Fundamentally, our student council is the voice of the student body. They connect with DIS students and act as the linking bridge between students and authorities. Through weekly meetings, the student council stays in contact and develops future plans. The Student Council Leadership Team works on ensuring that all feel safe and happy in the DIS community and organize events to promote school spirit.