Stunning DP Art Exhibition

Stunning Showcase! Our Grade 12 Visual Arts students proudly presented their artworks at the DP Art Exhibition.
As part of the IB Diploma exams, this exhibition not only celebrates their artistic achievements but also reflects their growth and development as individuals. Our art students truly showcased their extraordinary talent with a diverse array of styles, demonstrating the culmination of their hard work over the past two years.
From traditional media such as paintings, photography, and sculptures to mixed media and video animations - the wide range of artworks invited visitors on a journey through the realms of imagination and talent. However, our artists not only captivated the audience with their works but also with their presence. Providing explanations for their artworks, answering questions, and engaging in discussions with younger students as well as friends, family, and staff, they brought their creations to life.

We could not be prouder of what they have accomplished, and we are excited to see where their artistic endeavors take them in the future.

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