Successful PYP Exhibition

Congratulations to our Grade 5 students on their Exhibition Museums! The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) Exhibition is a significant event that marks the culmination of a child's journey through the primary years of education. Our students chose topics to research and take action on due to their observations on walks around Dresden. Some of the topics chosen were cyber security, accessibility on the school campus, and refugees, and our students have chosen ‘actions’ such as presentations to Grade 1 and 3 students and designing signs.  

From the start of this unit, the students worked with enthusiasm, curiosity, and creativity, and they used the ‘approaches to learning skills': research, social, communication, self-management, and thinking skills throughout all twelve weeks of the process. We are immensely proud of our students and their commitment to learning and making positive change. 

A big thank you to their homeroom teachers, teachers and mentors who work diligently to guide and support our students; this would not have been possible without their dedication.