Together Stronger

Our new school year started with Outward Bound team-building activities for our Grade 6 to 12 students. Some grade levels went climbing and hiking in Saxon Switzerland and others built soapbox vehicles together as a team. It was fun to watch the fancy mini cars tested for their driving ability. Our Class of 2023 paddled in self-made rafts on the Elbe from Pirna to Dresden. By exposing our students to these team-building and bonding activities, they learn how to successfully implement a project together with others. These days are also a lovely way for the teachers to get to know their students in a context outside of the classroom, for new students to meet everyone in the grade level and for all students to re-acquaint themselves with their peers. Dresden and the surrounding area make a wonderful classroom and the learning that takes place on these days is just as important as everything that is happening inside the school gates.