Kim Phuc Phan Thi Visited DIS

On Tuesday this week, the school received a visit from UNESCO ambassador and International Peace Prize Dresden Prize winner, Mrs Kim Phuc Phan Thi. Kim became famous as the 9-year-old war victim of a napalm attack during the Vietnam War and the photograph taken of her has become one of the most famous taken in war. Kim was in Dresden to receive the Dresden Peace Prize for her work in support of UNESCO and child victims of war and as a campaigner against hate and intolerance. It was a privilege to welcome Kim to the school, and she spent the morning visiting the campus, meeting students in class and making a presentation to the secondary school students in the Sports Hall. This was streamed to classes from grades 5 to 8, and we had a very special Q&A session in which she shared her life story and message of peace and forgiveness. It was a truly memorable and inspiring occasion for our students and staff to spend time with a special person and true role model.