Student awarded with Johann Prize

Marie-Sophie loves writing. She loves stories, especially short ones with a surprising ending, but much prefers to write herself. Even before the DIS student could write at all, she discovered the word-intensive genre for herself. Marie-Sophie was already enthusiastic about learning various writing techniques in the PYP classes. In the meantime, the tenth-grader has become a rising star in the author's heaven.

Her first short and travel stories have already been published and she was recently awarded the Johann Prize. A. E. Johann (1901-1996) was a successful travel writer at his time. He traveled around the world several times and wrote about 80 books.

Now Marie-Sophie, with her travel story "Die Reise durch das Goldene Dreieck von Indien" (The journey through the Golden Triangle of India), is also one of the prizewinners. What a great success! We are happy for the young creative and are very proud of her. Like her entire family, especially Marie-Sophie's little sister, is very happy for her and, like us, is inspired by the stories and herself gripped by writing fever. The school community is looking forward to the next project from the MYP student. It is rumored that she is working on her first novel. We are definitely curious!