Physical Education

For P.E. classes, DIS students use the sports hall at the AC. Early Primary Students at DIS Preschool have a special room for physical education at Goetheallee 18.

If DIS students are using another facility for sports, the school provides a bus shuttle to the sports facilities and back. Local swimming pools, ice-skating rinks and tennis courts may also be used from time to time by DIS.

P.E. Uniforms

At DIS all students (at Annen Campus and G18) need to wear the mandatory uniform for Physical Education (including indoor and outdoor sports shoes). More information to find in the parent handbook.

Athletics Programs

Dresden International School sports programs promote sportsmanship, commitment and teamwork within students outside of school hours. Our athletic programs host an array or team sports throughout the school year. Our fall sports include golf, cross country, volleyball, soccer and badminton while our winter and spring sports consist of swimming, girls and boys basketball and Tennis. Student athletes have the chance to participate locally in the community but also in within the German International School Sports Tournaments conference (GISST).

DIS has been a member of the (GISST) since 2003. GISST consist of 12 international schools around Germany.

Each member school host two tournaments a school year with over 80 participating students competing in each tournament.

GISST gives students a safe tournament environment to compete against other international school teams within the conference, and also provide an opportunity for students to integrate socially.

A 60 Euro fee participation fee is required joining a sport club. This fee helps support the cost of added sport specific needs.

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