What is MYP?

The aim of the Middle Years Programme is to provide opportunity for the students to build on their learning developed in the Primary Years Programme. The individual subject areas are integrated so that students gain knowledge, understanding and skills that are transferable across the academic spectrum further challenging them to become independent, inquiring learners.


Eight academic subjects form the framework for student learning. Acknowledging the importance of real world application, learning is conceptual and assessment is performance based. Additionally, students and teachers focus on the cognitive development of Approaches to Learning (ATLs) skills, which are transferable to all areas of current and future study. These include the five skill categories of research, thinking, social, communication, and organisation.

Middle Years Programme curriculum framework (IBO 2013)

The curriculum model provides an impression of the layers and themes permeating the MYP, with the student being placed in the center. The Global Contexts and Concepts in the inner ring connect the subjects to today’s ever-changing world. Through Service, Action and Projects, students are supported in applying their knowledge on a personal, local, national and international level. Encircling the model is a band of International –Mindedness, which signifies the open-mindedness of our students to different approaches to problems and points of view around the world.


At DIS we teach following subjects:

  • English
  • German (as mother tongue or as an additional language)
  • Spanish
  • Japanese as mother tongue
  • Individuals and Societies (History and Geography)
  • Sciences (Biology, Physics and Chemistry)
  • Mathematics
  • Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Physical and Health Education.

The three languages English, German and Spanish are studied over the MYP years. With these languages, students improve their reading, writing, listening, viewing, speaking and creative thinking skills.

In Individuals and Societies, the focus is on the development of their research, referencing, rational argument, and critical judgment skills.

Numeracy and problem solving skills are emphasized in mathematics.

Experimental inquiry and reporting skills are studied within the three main science disciplines – biology, chemistry and physics.

In Visual Arts and Performing Arts, students practise their creative expression and interpretative analysis skills as well as acquire an appreciation for a wide variety of forms of theatre and art.

For more information please access our MYP Guide 2017-18.

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