IB Diploma

Internal end of year examinations (in May during Grade 11) and 'mock' examinations (in January during Grade 12) take place, along with final external examinations taking place during May of the final year of the program. These external examinations are marked by external IB examiners. Therefore examination fees are charged for the external exams and are not included in the standard tuition fees. DIS enters candidates for the May external examination session only and does not offer November examinations or retakes.

Requirements to obtain IB Diploma

Students must complete all assessments in three HL courses and three SL courses, plus satisfactorily complete TOK, the Extended Essay and the CAS programme in order to receive an IB Diploma. Students who do not complete all components will get an 'IB Certificate' which details their achievement in the components that they did complete.

In their 6 subjects students must achieve at least 24 points (see points table below). This would be an average of 4 points per course. However, students do not have to score 4 points in all subjects. Here are a few of the most important points:

  • Score at least "3" or higher in all HL subjects
  • Score at least 12 points in their 3 HL subjects
  • Score at least "2"or higher in all SL subjects
  • Score at least 9 points in the 3 SL subjects
  • Score no more than one grade of "2" in all subjects
  • Score no more than three grades of "3" or lower in all subjects
  • Not be found guilty of malpractice for any assessment component
  • Score at least a "D" in both TOK and Extended Essay

German Recognition

In order for an IB Diploma to be recognized (as 'Abitur') for entry to a German university (see comparison table below), a few more requirements must be met. Here are a few of the most important points:

  1. At least one foreign language is taken at A level or B HL.
  2. The mathematics course must be "Math SL" or "Math HL", NOT "Math Studies SL"
  3. Either a science or mathematics class must be taken as an HL subject.
  4. All courses must be taken for the full two years of the Diploma Programme.
  5. The student must be able to provide report cards showing twelve continuous years of schooling.
  6. The student must score at least 24 points, with no "1"s, no "2"s and no more than one grade of "3". If the student scores "3" in a subject, he/she must even this out with at least one score of "5"-or-higher in a subject of the same level (HL or SL).
For detailed information please access the DP Guide 2017-2019.

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