What is Preschool?

The DIS Preschool may differ from other kindergartens in the following ways:

  • Our staff are teachers who plan and prepare inquiry explorations for children. We have a child-centered curriculum.
  • Children are regarded as inquisitive and curious and we are ready to meet them where they are in their development and support their continued growth.
  • We believe literacy development begins at birth. No child is too young to be read to. Our preschool library has over 2,500 volumes and every student has check out privileges.
  • Each class has dedicated time to physical education to focus on gross motor skills such as climbing, balancing, running, and jumping.
  • Character education is embedded in our program, and we strive to develop internationally-minded children.

What do we teach at the Preschool?

The IB organization provides a framework for curriculum which includes six organizing themes, in essence, “big ideas” about our world and who we are. The preschool classes work on four of the six units during a school year. Usually, topics for this age group span over a period of four to six weeks. However, some of them are enjoyed all year long.




Who we are

Children develop a sense of self as they grow.

People in families care for one another.

How we express ourselves

People may express feelings and ideas in different ways.

People use rhythm and rhyme to express themselves.

Sharing the planet

Woods are important to the lives of people and animals.

How the world works

Water exists in different forms and has different uses.

Light helps us understand the world around us.

How we organize ourselves

People have roles to help communities function.

We help your child to receive and share ideas and information:

  • through play-based inquiry and meaningful activities,
  • through supporting the first steps towards children's literacy,
  • through inquiry projects and experiments to further children's natural curiosity,
  • through physical education, and
  • through encouraging creativity via art and drama.

Things to know about bilingual education in the DIS Preschool

  • Whilst English is our primary target language, children are immersed in both German and English as the everyday language of conversation and activity.
  • The target language is used in age-appropriate ways and authentic contexts of the children’s everyday life.
  • The focus is on the languages as means of communication.
  • Each language is ’recycled’ through songs, stories read aloud, poems, role plays, class routines, experiments and inquiry to encourage a deeper understanding.
  • Parents are encouraged and advised to verbally interact with and read to their children in their mother tongue. The stronger the child’s mother tongue language, the stronger additional languages will be.

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