Continuous Learning

Only two days after all schools and preschools had to be closed due to the Coronavirus, we re-opened in “online mode” on March 18 and we have been fully functioning ever since. With our own continuous learning program, teaching continued seamlessly for 515 students from 50 nations aged 1 to 18. 

Our school is committed to continually providing the highest-quality learning experiences possible for our students and families. 

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What is continuous learning?

We think of the learning as ‘continuous’ rather than simply online. The device is a tool to deliver instructions and content, and to share information about learning between students, teachers and families. It is the way in which teachers, students, and families can communicate. Working online should not always be the main mode of learning engagement, and teachers also think about structuring activities that allow for active movement and other modes of learning. For us it is important to provide quality over quantity and continue to modify our good practices. 

We continue to live our mission as an ‘innovative, diverse, collaborative learning community’ that ‘inspires, moves forward, and gives back’. We are prepared and ready to provide a world-class education for your children.


Primary School

K5 - Grade 5

K5 to Grade 2 students connect via Seesaw. Grade 3 to 5 use Google Classroom to continue learning. Continuous Learning in the Primary School supports children’s development through experiential learning and inquiry. In order to create a common approach and have a consistent experience for students and learning across the primary school, we have decided on a specific model that allow children to have more choice over how they structure their time and allow for more in-depth inquiry and learning experiences.

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Secondary School

Grade 6-12

Grade 6 to 12 students learn via Google Classroom and communicate via Google Meet. ManageBac should be used as normal. For uploading summative assessment tasks. We developed a special schedule that gives our students more flexibility and independence and that takes into account feedback from parents, teachers and students.

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DIS Community Voices

K5 Parent

Big thanks to the whole DIS team for the great work and all incredible efforts during these weeks of school closure and online-learning which is an absolutely new experience for everyone!

Grade 9 Student

The flexibility is great and the way that I can learn in my own pace.

Grade 1 Parent

About continuous learning we enjoy the variety of tasks. It is great to see how our daughter's teacher is trying her best every day to make our child smile and learn.

MYP Parent

Tasks are clear and structured. Teachers are present, available, and responsive.

Our Students Learning @ Home

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The DIS Community Online Learning Hub

We shifted our learning online because of school closure. Our teachers have been working incredibly hard to create online platforms and ways of learning virtually.

The Community Hub has links to most parts of the virtual school that are currently open and more links will be added constantly. It would be good to check it often. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Our team at DIS is well prepared to help and assist if needed.

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